ALFA is pleased to announce that the outcomes of the landmark Economic & Health Impacts of Local Government Aquatic & Recreation Facilities industry research project have been released.

The project acknowledges that aquatic and recreation centres are important contributors to the wellbeing of many Australians. At a community level they are expected to provide a place for physical activity, social interaction and to make a contribution to the local economy.

This research produced a wealth of data that provide a range of insights about the operations of Aquatic & Recreation Facilities and the benefits provided in their local communities. The outcomes of this work have particular implications across a range of operational, marketing, programming and facility design parameters, all of which impact on the quality visitor experience, retention rates and ultimately better community health, social and economic outcomes.

Whilst achieving improved health and fitness was the most significant benefit from participating in activities at aquatic and recreation centres for most age and activity groups, the scope and scale of the impact of our facilities goes much further that that.

The activities of Aquatic & Recreation Facilities make important community and economic contributions to their local communities. The centres involved in this study generated an average return of $7.60 in value for every dollar of expenditure. These research findings provide evidence that the value of Aquatic & Recreation Facilities operations needs to be better recognised by the wider community and political decision makers.

This has been a key research project of the ALFA Alliance for the past 2 years. Sport and Recreation Victoria were the major funding partner, with Aquatics and Recreation Victoria project managing the research on behalf of the industry.

This research would not have been possible without the collaboration between Victoria University, UniSA, YMCA Victoria, the City of Greater Geelong, community leisure facilities throughout Australia and over 4,300 people within the local communities.

You can read the full reports here:

Economic & Health Impacts of Local Government Aquatic & Recreation Facilities Industry Research Project Outcomes

Community Benefits of Victorian Aquatic & Recreation Centres Research Outcomes