Notice of ALFA 2017 Annual General Meeting

In accordance with the Constitution of the Australian Leisure Facilities Association Inc., this is notice of the Australian Leisure Facilities Association Inc. Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at 12:30pm, Friday 15 September 2017.

Notice of AGM
Place: Pullman Melbourne on the Park , Melbourne, VIC
Date: Friday 15 September 2017
Time: 12:30pm
Note: The AGM will be held in conjunction with the ARV Industry Conference

Nature of Proposed Business
The ordinary business of the AGM will be to:
Confirm the minutes of the last preceding AGM and of any General Meeting held since that meeting;
Receive from the Board, reports upon the transactions of ALFA during the last preceding year; and
Receive and consider accounts of ALFA as required under the Act.

Entitlement to Attend Meeting
The only persons entitled to be present at the AGM of ALFA will be the financial Members (or a representative of the Member where the Member is not a natural person) and Directors, except with the prior consent of the Board in its discretion.

In accordance with the Constitution, at any given time, 50% + 1 of Directors of the Association (at that time) present and participating in a meeting either in person or via telecommunication, constitutes a quorum.

Members Entitled to Vote
Subject to clause 6.4(a) of the Constitution, an individual that is recognised, affiliated, accredited or Registered by or with, a Voting Member will, upon Registration with the Voting Member, become an ALFA Alliance Member of the Association and is subject to the provisions of this Constitution.

Categories of Members
Members of the Association shall fall into one of the following categories:

(a) Regional Bodies, which subject to this Constitution shall be represented by their representatives who shall have the right to attend, debate and vote at General Meetings;
(b) ALFA Alliance Members, who subject to this Constitution shall have the right to attend but not debate or vote at General Meetings;
(c) National Sponsors, who subject to this Constitution shall have the right to attend but not debate or vote at General Meetings; and
(d) such new or other categories of Members as may be established by the Directors. Any new category of Member established by the Directors must not be granted voting rights without the approval of the Association in General Meeting.

Board Composition
In accordance with clause 14.1 of the Constitution, the Board will consist of:

(a) up to 2 nominated representative from each of the Regional Bodies;
(b) the EO in a non-voting capacity; and
(c) up to 5 additional Appointed Directors who shall be appointed in accordance with clause 15.

Voting Procedures for Appointed Directors
Vacant positions for Appointed Directors will be filled at the first General Meeting following the AGM in accordance with clause 15 of the Constitution.

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