International Fitness Introduces New Australian Made Modular System

International Fitness recently introduced the new, Super Duty Cantilever Rig. The Super Duty Cantilever Rig is an Australian made modular system, that can be fully customised to suit your specifications.

The advantages of the Super Duty Cantilever Rig, include:

  • Modular system can be as long or short as you want;
  • The outriggers can be used to mount punching bags or suspension trainers;
  • Integrated monkey bars can are also ideal for chin ups and muscle ups;
  • Huge amount of storage available;
  • Optional stall bars can be fitted;
  • Boxing bags can be removed to open up entire space for ground based classes such as yoga;
  • Incredibly space efficient due to a lack of front legs;
  • Made in Australia.

For more information, contact International Fitness on email: enquiry@Internationalfitness.Net

International Fitness are an Award Winning Australian Manufacturer and Distributers Of World Class Commercial Fitness with 20 Years Of Experience.

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