Evoet Takes Home Prestigious Prize At SPLASH! Environmental Awards 2014

SEAsunbatherEvo Energy Technologies (Evoet) beat a pool of competitors to take home the Most Environment Friendly Project Award at the Splash Environmental Awards 2014.
Proudly supported by ALFA National Commercial Supplier member and foundation sponsor Sunbather, the SPLASH! Environmental Awards are the only awards in the world dedicated to environment friendly products and projects in the swimming pool and spa industry.
Evoet won the coveted prize for the Fremantle Aquatic Centre project, the first of its kind in Australia.

The project combines a shallow aquifer geothermal heat pump and a gas cogeneration system to heat the pool water and power the entire facility.
This pioneering project uses a combination of technology that’s completely new to Australia. It paves the way for other similar commercial projects that could benefit from enormous savings and sound environmental policy.

The Splash Environmental Awards took place on the 17th of July 2014 at the SPASA Australia Gala Dinner. This followed the annual SPLASH! Pool & Spa trade show.

The 10 month, $5 million overhaul of the centre included a cogeneration plant, shallow aquifer geothermal system, new aquatic playground, pool resurfacing and disability access to the pools.
According to Greg Benvenuti of engineering firm Energy Made Clean (EMC), estimated cost savings for the project are $110,000 per year.

Modelling from EMC also projects that the Evoet installation will save 250 tonnes of green house gas (GHG) CO² emissions per year. A total reduction of about 25%.

City of Fremantle Asset Manager Sam Bryce complimented Evoet for their efforts: ‘This is a bespoke, cutting-edge project. For Australia in general, let alone for our local council. We’re very happy with the result.’

With a phenomenal COP rating of more than 6.0, the Evoet SGHP Ground Source Heat Pump provides cheap heat and electricity all year round. A COP of more than 6.0 means that whatever energy goes into the system, it’s multiplied by six at the point of use. Combined with a Cogeneration unit which generates extremely low carbon electricity to power the pool plant – the total package is highly efficient.

By using Evo Energy Technologies’ eco-friendly technology, the City of Fremantle have shown themselves to be committed to a sustainable future for their community. This world-class project is only the beginning for Evoet. Future commercial projects are sure to yield similar successes.

Company Information
Evo Industries (Including Evo Energy Technologies & Evoheat) are 100% Australian owned and operated specialist suppliers of heat pump, cogeneration and energy reclaim equipment for the swimming pool and allied commercial industries. We offer pioneering energy technology of a kind never used in Australia, until now.

For more information contact Company Information Tony Mills or Travis McNeil, P: 07 3162 2213 or E: sales@evoet.com.au
Website: www.evoet.com.au

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