Deliver an Unmatched Fitness Experience with Matrix Connected Solutions

Matrix Fitness, one of the world’s fastest-growing commercial fitness brands, is set to launch a newly positioned technology offering that aims to change the way fitness centres of all kinds do business. The new digital ecosystem, called Matrix Connected Solutions, is focused on serving customers better by focusing on their specific goals.

“From the health club to the hotel to the leisure centre, technology can be difficult to implement,” said Global Director of Technology Andrew Kolman. “That’s because there’s no one-size-fits-all answer — everyone’s goals are different. But by listening to our customers, we’re able to find unique ways to address their technology needs. This receptive approach is a big part of what makes Matrix successful.”

Through industry analysis and listening to their customers, Matrix created a goal-centric approach to technology. Some fitness facilities want to focus on bringing in more members and retaining members at a higher rate by building long-term brand loyalty. Other facilities are looking to make their facility stand out from the one across the street while keeping their members engaged with cutting-edge fitness technology. Still other facilities are hoping to maximise their return on investment and tap new revenue streams to reinvigorate their business. In many cases, facilities want to find ways to improve in all these areas.

Read the full story on the Matrix website: www.resources.jhta.com.au/matrix-fitness-blog/matrix_fitness_launches_a_new_digital_product_offering

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