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ALFA is proud to be supported by the following National Commercial Suppliers through Membership:

Photo of Air Liquide
Air Liquide
Website: Air Liquide

Air Liquide is the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment, and is present in 80 countries with 42,300 employees. Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and rare gases have been at the core of Air Liquide’s activities since its creation in 1902. Using these molecules, Air Liquide continuously reinvents its business, anticipating the needs of current and future markets. The Group innovates to enable progress, to achieve dynamic growth and a consistent performance.

Categories: Aquatics, Asset Management & Plant
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Photo of Australian Innovative Systems
Australian Innovative Systems

Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) is a multi-award winning, innovative Australian owned company with over20 years’ experience in onsite and inline water disinfection technology. AIS exclusively designs and manufactures chlorine generators for residential and commercial applications and for water of virtually any TDS level.

Main Brands Include: EcoLine™, AutoChlor™, ChloroGen™

Categories: Equipment
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Photo of Blue Fitness
Blue Fitness
Website: Blue Fitness

Blue Fitness is the exclusive distributors of world’s leading commercial fitness industry products. Blue Fitness can provide a full range of fitness equipment including Start Trac (Cardio and Strength), Peak Pilates, Woodway (Treadmills), Spinning (Bikes and Education) and also in New Zealand Les Mills (SMARTSTEP™ / SMARTBAR™). With in-house finance and expertise as fitness and aquatic facility operators the Blue Fitness team can assist with all aspects of getting your new facility up and running or give your club a new look.


Categories: Consultancy Services, Equipment, Marketing, Sales & Advertising, Operational Services
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Photo of BOC - A Member of The Linde Group
BOC - A Member of The Linde Group

BOC provides safety equipment and gas products as well as a breadth of technology services and solutions to the manufacturing, scientific, hospitality, medical, agriculture, refrigeration and packaged chemicals industries. In addition to this, BOC provides process gas related solutions to customers in the food, metal, petrochemical, oil refining, minerals and other process industries.

Categories: Aquatics, Asset Management & Plant
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Photo of Centaman Pty Ltd
Centaman Pty Ltd
Website: Centaman Pty Ltd

CENTAMAN Systems provides comprehensive software solutions for the leisure, tourism and attractions marketplace. Delivering unparalleled flexibility to build a suite tailored to your specific needs, CENTAMAN’s modular design offers:

  • Admissions;
  • Point of Sale;
  • Membership Management;
  • Programs Management;
  • Bookings;
  • Access Control;
  • Stock Control;
  • Kiosk;
  • CRM;
  • Mobile and Online Solutions; and more
Categories: Aquatics, Equipment, Financial Services
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Photo of CFM Global Distributors of MYZONE
CFM Global Distributors of MYZONE
Website: MYZONE

MYZONE is an innovative heart rate based system that measures individuals physical activity whether inside or outside of the Leisure Facility, wirelessly uploading the data to individuals online exercise log book. MYZONE helps you to engage your customers, assisting in attracting and retaining membership to your leisure facility while providing additional revenue streams.

Categories: Equipment, Fitness, Membership
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Photo of Commercial Aquatics Australia
Commercial Aquatics Australia

Commercial Aquatics Australia specialises in the design, construction, renovation, service & maintenance and water treatment of commercial pools for aquatic centres, schools, hotels and resort developments, Commercial Aquatics brings a wealth of accumulated experience to this specialised area..
Commercial Aquatics constructs facilities throughout Australia, from major competition and stadium venues, to remote communities and mining camps. Visit the website to view the extensive portfolio of completed projects that are improving the quality of life across all sectors of the community.

Categories: Aquatics, Design & Construction
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Photo of Crystal Pools
Crystal Pools
Website: Crystal Pools

Crystal Pools is the name behind some of Australia’s most ambitious and innovative pool builders. Our unique commercial and government expertise will make a real difference to the smooth realisation of your project, on budget. You don’t stay in business for over half a century by building and renovating to the highest standards. We do it right the first time. We back it. We warrant it. We honour it.

Categories: Aquatics, Design & Construction, Sustainability
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Photo of Daisy Pool Covers
Daisy Pool Covers

Daisy is Australia’s largest manufacturer of pool covers and rollers.
We have supplied the domestic and commercial markets for over 25 years.
We produce a quality product at a competitive price through our nationwide
network of distributors.

Categories: Aquatics, Equipment, Sustainability
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Photo of ecoDATA Pty Ltd
ecoDATA Pty Ltd
Website: ecoDATA

ecoDATA provides users with a global platform that hosts, integrates, processes and adds value to a wide range ESD data. Information can be easily accessed via a single web portal using any browser on a PC, laptop, iPhone or iPad. Exceptions reports, alerts and dashboard views are also actively pushed to customers for timely decision making.
The Software as a Service business model is cost effective with zero ICT overheads for customers. Aquatic centre and public pools operations and sustainability can be monitored and reported in next to real time poolVIEW module. Dashboards, exceptions reports, KPIs and alarms provide pool attendants, centre managers, facility managers, health compliance officers and Council sustainability managers the information they need anytime, anywhere.
Our aquaTAB industrial tablets allow daily log sheets and incident reports to be electronically captured on the go and sent into the Cloud for storage and processing – no more paper forms! All data and hand writing is digitised and pdf reports automatically mailed out. The original user entries are also stored and there is a complete audit trail. Data from mandatory tests (eg Cl, pH, Chloramines) and manual site readings (eg meters, dosing controllers, etc) is automatically uploaded to the poolVIEW system giving access to charting and reporting for all.
Manual and automated readings can be compared for calibration. Our consultants can explain what is possible, help you define your requirements, design the monitoring infrastructure, project manage implementation and setup poolVIEW to suit one or a portfolio of pools.

Categories: Consultancy Services
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Photo of Ezypay
Website: Ezypay

Ezypay is an outsourcing direct debit service provider dedicated to offering a payment collection system to assist businesses regulate their cash flow and revenue without the hassle of managing customer bills. Our automated direct debit facility takes the hassle out of collecting customer payments.

Ezypay specialises in the following categories:

  • Education and Training (Australian Fitness Industry Survey)
  • Finance/financial services
Categories: Education & Training, Financial Services, IT & Point Of Sales
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Photo of Geoff Ninnes Fong & Partners
Geoff Ninnes Fong & Partners

Geoff Ninnes Fong and Partners are a broad based consulting firm with over thirty years of experience in the fields of structural, civil and aquatic engineering. Our team of professional staff have the combined expertise to meet the demands of a wide range of complex engineering projects. We offer a winning combination of technical knowledge, innovative thinking and cost effective solutions including using the latest design software to help us achieve the best results, every time.

Categories: Aquatics, Design & Construction
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Photo of Heliocol Solar Pty Ltd
Heliocol Solar Pty Ltd

Heliocol Solar is a national supplier and installer of solar pool heating systems. Using a unique polypropylene panel system, Heliocol has helped hundreds of commercial pool owners achieve warmer pools and enhance their business profits through energy savings. Heliocol, with a world wide reputation for quality and endurance, comes with a 25 year warranty. Free on site consultations, evaluations and quotes. Phone Aust wide 1300 132 968

Categories: Aquatics, Equipment, Sustainability
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Photo of Ian Coombes Australia
Ian Coombes Australia

Ian Coombes Australia Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of systems and products to the Australasian swimming pool and water treatment industry. We provide customized and cost effective solutions, including CAD design and consultancy, installation and commissioning.

To effectively service the Australian market our Australian Head office is located In Melbourne with distributors for different products located around Australia. With 27yrs of experience we will be able to provide you with a superior solution for your facility.

We are able to assist you with your specific requirements, including:

  • Pumping and filtration
  • Pool water disinfection systems
  • Insulating pool blankets and reel systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Overflow/drainage channel grating
Categories: Aquatics, Asset Management & Plant, Consultancy Services, Design & Construction, Equipment, Sustainability
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Photo of International Quadratics
International Quadratics

International Quadratics & Pierce Pool Supplies are suppliers of quality chemicals and equipment to pool professionals and the swimming and leisure industry.

Categories: Aquatics, Asset Management & Plant, Equipment, Sustainability
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Photo of Maytronics Australia
Maytronics Australia

Maytronics Australia are distributor for:

  • Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners – Covering all your pool cleaning nees, including the Dolphin Dynamic PROX 2, Dolphin Pro Expert and Dolphin Wave Cleaners
  • Poseidon Drowning Detection System.
Categories: Aquatics, Equipment
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Photo of MSAC Institute of Training
MSAC Institute of Training

MSAC Institute of Training specialises in the provision of aquatic, recreation and leisure management training and traineeships drawing on the expertise of three of Victorias premier sporting facilities, the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, the State Netball and Hockey Centre and the newly developed Lakeside Stadium.

MSAC Institute of Training are educational leaders in Sport & Recreation Management and Sport Facility Management.


Categories: Education & Training
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Photo of Neptune-Benson Australia
Neptune-Benson Australia

Neptune-Benson suppliers of the world leading ‘Defender’ Regenerative Commercial pool/aquatic filter.   The leader in environmentally responsible and sustainable filtration.  Optimal, healthy, crystal clear water filtered down to 1 micron.  Saving up to 90% on water usage, 50% on energy cost and 30% on chemical costs.

Categories: Aquatics, Equipment
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Photo of Orica Pty Ltd
Orica Pty Ltd
Website: Orica Pty Ltd

Orica is Australia’s largest manufacturer and marketer of Chlor-Alkali products including Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrochloric Acid and Caustic Soda with state of the art production facilities throughout Australia. Our products are used for disinfecting and balancing water in swimming pools and Aquatic Centres. Also for the treatment of Potable and Waste water at treatment plants around Australia.



Categories: Aquatics, Asset Management & Plant
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Photo of Orimatech
Website: Orimatech

Poolworx Pty Ltd trading as Orimatech is a Sydney based Company providing sales and service of a range of equipment to the commercial pool industry throughout Australia. The Business is well known in the industry and has been trading since 1974.

We specialize in the Aqua Vac range of Automatic Pool Cleaners, MacBall Heat Saver insulated pool blanket systems and Mobile Hoists and market a range of other products including:

  • Poolie’s Pal pool cover winches
  • Dolphin Wave automatic pool cleaners
  • Hammer Head manual pool cleaners
  • Mobile hoists for large pool cleaners
  • Service of the above equipment
  • Based in Sydney, we service our Customers Australia wide via like minded, service orientated, Agents in every State of the Country.
Categories: Consultancy Services, Equipment, Sustainability
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Photo of Pool Ranger
Pool Ranger
Website: Pool Ranger Website: AIS

Pool Ranger Pty Ltd has been in business since 1992, we are distributors for the ECO-LINE and AUTO-CHLOR range of chlorinators. The manufacturers AIS have been in business since 1972 and have a full range of commercial and domestic Freshwater and Salt Water Chlorinators. The ECO-LINE chlorinator range is a GAME CHANGER in the chlorination of commercial swimming pools, it runs off a TDS of 500 which is tap water, it produces chlorine through the cell thus there is no longer need for Liquid Chlorine tanks, hazardous handling of chemicals or chlorine delivery trucks, It also doesn’t produce any chloramines, which means no more chlorine gas smell in indoor pool areas also no more equipment deterioration due to chloramines not being in the air, not to mention the health benefits!!!!



Categories: Aquatics, Equipment
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Photo of Pro-Am Australia
Pro-Am Australia
Website: Pro-Am Australia

Pro-Am Australia, established in 1973, is a leading supplier of Swimwear and Aquatic Products. Our Goggles/Accessories/Learn to swim/Hydro/Storage/Commercial Products and Pool Inflatable’s are all manufactured for safety, strength and longevity, providing quality assurance for a safe, fun aquatic environment. Quality customer service is our commitment.

Categories: Aquatics, Clothing, Sporting Goods & Accessories, Equipment
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Photo of Prominent Fluid Controls
Prominent Fluid Controls

Manufacturer and supplier of Water Chemistry Control Systems (pH, ORP, Conductivity, Free and Total Chlorine), Chemical Dosing Pumps, Chemical Tanks, UV Systems, ProCal Granular Calcium Hypochlorite Dosing Systems, Gas Chlorination Systems, On-Site Chlorine Generation and C02 Dosing Systems. Servicing the Aquatics Industry in Australia for over 30 years.

Categories: Aquatics, Asset Management & Plant, Equipment
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Photo of Regupol Australia P/L
Regupol Australia P/L

Regupol (Australia) Pty Ltd is a company who have been supplying recycled sustainable flooring solutions in the region for over 25 years. They are passionate about the inherent built integrity of their products, having been up-cycled from post-consumer and pre consumer waste products.

In the last 40 years alone, the volume of processed shredded post-consumer tyre waste used in Regupol® products has exceeded two (2) million cubic tones.

Regupol’s 2020 vision is to continue to deliver the greenest built floors in Australia using their collection of eco preferred floor covering products, adhesives and soundproofing acoustic underlays.

Categories: Aquatics, Asset Management & Plant, Other
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Photo of Simons Green Energy
Simons Green Energy

Simons Green Energy is a leading provider of sustainable energy, heating and cooling solutions in Australia.

We provide complete Cogeneration and Trigeneration solutions that simultaneously generate low-cost power, heating and cooling for Clubs and Aquatic Centres. Whether you need hot water for swimming pools, showers, space heating or air conditioning, we will design a tailored solution to meet your site’s requirements, helping you achieve a cleaner, reliable energy supply, along with substantial cost savings lasting more than 20 years after your initial investment. This tailored approach assures the highest system’s performance and complete customer satisfaction.

If you want to learn how Castle Hill RSL Club, Mingara Recreational Club and Twin Towns Club Banora are saving over $100,000 a year in energy costs, talk to our engineers and request a feasibility analysis at no cost.

Categories: Aquatics, Asset Management & Plant, Sustainability
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Photo of Sportspeople
Website: Sportspeople

Sportspeople services can be broken down into the following broad categories:

  • Sportspeople Recruitment Options – Sportspeople works with the employer managing all stages of the candidate screening and selection process for jobs throughout Australia and New Zealand. Sportspeople Recruitment includes advertised and targeted selection for entry-level roles to Chief Executive. There are four recruitment options – Sportspeople Express, Sportspeople Executive Express, Sportspeople Start to Finish and Sportspeople Executive Start to Finish. If you can think of a job in sport, fitness, aquatic, coaching, venues, events, leisure and lifestyle it is likely Sportspeople has or can fill it! To take a look at some of the jobs we’ve filled, click here.
  • Sportspeople HR Services – Sportspeople offers a number of HR Services designed to assist employers manage their valuable staff resource, including Pre-Employment Assesments, Remuneration Benchmarking, Organisation Reviews and Performance Appraisals.
  • Sportspeople Jobs Market – Australia’s leading job board for the sport, fitness, aquatic, coaching, venues, events, leisure and lifestyle sector, now offering jobs in New Zealand. First in Australia still No. 1. The Sportspeople Jobs Market includes a free service for listing Volunteer Positions.
  • Sportspeople Learning – Sportspeople Learning is a directory service designed to encourage ongoing professional development of people working or seeking work in the sport, fitness, aquatic, coaching, venues, events, leisure and lifestyle sector. Sportspeople Learning provides a comprehensive listing of: Tertiary courses and programs, TAFE courses and programs, Industry specific courses and training, Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.
  • Sportspeople Trade Market – Bringing buyers and sellers together. The Sportspeople Trade Market is an online classifieds and directory service for the sport, fitness, aquatic, coaching, venues, events, leisure and lifestyle community.
Categories: Aquatics, Education & Training, Fitness, Human Resources, Wellness
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Photo of Sunbather Pty Ltd
Sunbather Pty Ltd

Manufacture, supply and install commercial and domestic solar and blanket and roller systems. National company with head office in Hastings Victoria. Office also in Castle Hill NSW and Capalaba Qld. Offering both motorised and manual systems. All systems are made to order and tailor made.

Categories: Aquatics, Equipment, Sustainability
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Photo of Swimplex Aquatics Pty Ltd
Swimplex Aquatics Pty Ltd

Swimplex Aquatics is a company dedicated to the commercial pool industry. We are specialist contractors in pool construction, renovation, refurbishment, filtration, water treatment, heating and the manufacture of innovative pool products.

We offer a wide range of products and services to the aquatic industry.

Swimplex Aquatics specialise in the installation of Myrtha Pools, water treatment plants and the manufacture and supply of our own proprietary products including WETDECK© grating, lane ropes, starting platforms and waterslides.

Swimplex Aquatics is the Australian agent for Empex Watertoys.

Categories: Aquatics, Design & Construction, Equipment
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Photo of Technogym Australia
Technogym Australia

Technogym The Wellness Company is the world leader in designing fitness equipment. Renowned for advanced design and technology, Technogym creates innovative solutions to help every individual achieve personal wellness.

Categories: Equipment, Fitness, Wellness
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Photo of The Retention People
The Retention People

The Retention People (TRP) are the leading providers of customer experience management software and solutions to the leisure industry. We believe  that business success comes from creating raving fans and delighting customers – and this is what we help our own clients deliver to their members.

Categories: IT & Point Of Sales
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Photo of Tim Batt Water Solutions Pty Ltd
Tim Batt Water Solutions Pty Ltd

Siemens Ltd, announces the company’s change of approach for the Aquatic/commercial pool market in Australia and New Zealand.

This change has led to the formation of Tim Batt Water Solutions Pty Ltd to take the Siemens product range further and to offer some new products and some real benefits for you, our valued customers. Having managed the Aquatic business for Siemens for the last 5 years, and for US Filter and Stranco for 25 years prior to that, I am keenly aware of the special needs of our customers in this industry. As a result, Tim Batt Water Solutions are proud to be able to offer you the following:

  • Personalised, aquatics focussed sales and service assistance
  • Expert equipment solutions packaging for the commercial pool industry
  • Rapid order turnaround and quick delivery of commonly used items and spare parts
  • Experienced advice to pool operators on how to get the best out of your chemical dosing system, as well as assistance with general water chemistry queries
  • Various service support options, with experienced & trained technicians, to suit your budget

Our extensive product range includes:

  • Siemens Ezetrol Plus and Depolox Pool pH & chlorine controllers – the industry leaders
  • Siemens Barrier M UV systems – now with ‘Electronic Power Supplies’ (EPS) to dramatically save on electrical energy usage
  • BECSys3 controllers – the original, easiest-to-use and much loved ‘System 3′ controller is back; better than ever, with more features and capabilities! See
  • Pulsar dry chlorine briquette feed systems and ‘Pulsar Briquettes’ chemical – a popular alternative to liquid chlorine
  • Siemens ChemAd, Dosator VPP and Premia P75 chemical metering pumps


Categories: Aquatics, Asset Management & Plant, Equipment
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Photo of Wizid Pty Ltd
Wizid Pty Ltd
Website: Wizid Pty Ltd

Wizid provide access solutions, identification, security and control for events, festivals and venues Australia wide.

We can custom imprint wristbands, lanyards, tickets, cards and credentials to your requirements. Image and Digital wristbands, credentials, access passes, cards and tickets may all be uniquely barcoded and linked to the Wizid Guidepost ID access system to provide you with a secure entry system that is not only simple to use while it captures data, your patron recieves a photo quality souvenir of your event.

Categories: Clothing, Sporting Goods & Accessories
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Photo of Zeolite Australia
Zeolite Australia

Zeolite Australia Pty Ltd is a leading edge technology developer exploiting and developing the outstanding properties of the mineral zeolite (clinoptilolite), into a range of environmentally and socially positive products with particular application in water treatment and purification, animal nutrition and agriculture.

Zeolite manufactures and distributes Zelbrite for Outstanding Swimming Pool Filtration. Zelbrite is a high performance pool filter media:

  • Filtration to Diatomaceous Earth (DE) standards (or better) with the convenience of sand.
  • Reduces chemical usage and enhances chlorine performance
  • Reduces pool odour, eye and skin irritation
  • Savings in costs of maintaining pool water in optimal condition
  • Keeps your pool sparkling clean

Zelbrite is also packed for companies under their own label.

Categories: Aquatics, Asset Management & Plant, Equipment
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