ALFA Welcomes New National Sponsor; Focus Products

Focus Products Pty Ltd is a long established leader within the recreational water industry in Australia. Focus has developed reputation as a professional and innovative business who understands and meets the needs of the market. Experienced in providing a superior range of unique blends and formulas, Focus invests extensively in the research and development facilities, keeping the company at the forefront of new technology and ensuring innovative products at competitive prices. This is further enhanced by an inquisitive approach which renders exceptional products with confidence. Focus’ product range covers speciality chemicals, a full range of high performance pool and spa equipment, cleaning accessories, water testing facilities, water analysis technology and PVC pipe & fittings.

We maintain a commitment to quality that is backed by our team of professionals who deliver the continuity in product development, corporate training and execution. Excellence and innovation enables the Focus business to respond with efficiency and understanding ensuring sustained commercial growth.

The Focus philosophy is simple: service, integrity, competitive pricing and technical excellence. Vision, compassion, courage, and character are the cornerstones upon which these are built on each day and with every endeavour.

For more information on Focus’ range of products and services, visit the website: www.focusproducts.com.au

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