ALFA Welcomes New National Sponsor CERM PI

Based at the University of South Australia Business School, CERM PI is a leader in customer service quality research, and operational management indicators in the sport and leisure, tourism and hospitality, and event industries. Our team of internationally recognised researchers work with local, national, and international clients to provide detailed analysis and reports based on service quality and operational management helping clients to develop and benefit from a culture of evidence based decisions for performance improvement.

What CERM PI do:

With over 25 years of experience in customer service quality and operational management, we help clients to understand how performance in these areas can be improved through evidenced based research and performance measurement. Both our customer service quality and operational management indicator survey are refined regularly to ensure we are capturing the most relevant data related to these imperative aspects of organisational success. This is done in consultation with our industry clients complemented by the latest developments in research from both a theoretical and applied perspective. The data from these projects contribute to the provision of the CERM PI National Benchmarks, a resource that details organisations of varying scope and size, and allows managers to compare their organisation’s performance against the industry standard.

In addition to our flagship surveys and reports, we are able to customise projects to suit the individual needs of our clients in the customer service and operational management space. Our team of leading academics and vastly experienced professional staff combine to provide a robust industry relevant research service that is heavily underpinned by academic rigour yet adaptable enough to meet the ever changing demands of increasingly competitive industries.


Customer Service Quality
Our Customer Service Quality survey measures customers’ expectations compared to their perceptions of the facility or service’s actual performance in a range of dimensions. Read more…

Operational Management Indicators & National Benchmarks
Our Operational Management Indicators survey covers key aspects of operational management including finance, services, marketing, human resources, utilities, and facilities. Read more…

Customised Projects
In addition to our flagship customer service quality and operational management indicators surveys, we facilitate customised research projects with a number of industry partners. Read more…

Who are CERM PI?

Gary Howat and Gary Crilley founded CERM PI over 25 years ago and steadily grew the venture to what is now a leading performance measurement and benchmarking entity servicing a variety of industries. The acronym was born out of the original Performance Indicators project at the Centre for Environmental and Recreation Management which has now been replaced by the Centre for Tourism and Leisure Management at UniSA. We have changed the meaning of the acronym to represent Customer Experience Research Metrics and Performance Indictors. However, we are widely referred to in industry, and will continue to be known as simply CERM PI.

Contact CERM PI: phone +61 8 8302 5321 or email cermpi@unisa.edu.au.

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