About ALFA

What is ALFA?

The Australian Leisure Facilities Association (ALFA) is the peak representative body for the aquatics, recreation and leisure facilities industry in Australia. It is an alliance of Regional Bodies, which have been representing the industry for more than 75 years, and has been formed out of a strong industry need for a national organisation to represent its interests.

ALFA are a united alliance, progressing and developing the leisure facility industry in Australia. ALFA represents individual employees, organisations that own, manage or lease facilities and companies that supply to the industry.

To achieve this vision, ALFA focuses on advocacy for key industry issues, providing leadership on industry policies and standards, ensuring relevant professional development opportunities, sharing latest industry trends and knowledge through strong network and membership communications.

There are an estimated 1,900 leisure facilities in operation around Australia. These are predominantly owned by the 650+ local Councils and managed either in-house or by an external management organisation. The industry employs over 50,000 people and attracts an extensive variety of commercial suppliers. With a turnover estimate to be in excess of $1.3 billion and 263 million visits per annum, ours is a significant industry.

The development of a national body is long overdue and an exciting initiative. It builds on the work by several state and territory bodies and strengthens local partnerships into one key voice. Facilities are at the heart of aquatics, recreation and leisure provision and are essential to the continuing development of a healthy Australian community.

ALFA offers Individual, Organisation and Commercial Supplier memberships. When a member joins ALFA, they also become a member of the ALFA recognised industry body in their state or territory.