Landmark Study into Victoria’s Health

Victoria’s Prevention Community Model (PCM) aims to improve people’s health in selected communities by addressing the underlying causes of chronic preventable disease. It aims to improve people’s health where they live, learn, work and play.

The PCM recognises that local governments not only have a legislated responsibility for the health and wellbeing of their community, but they are also ideally placed to influence many determinants of health, including transport, land use planning, recreation and culture. As such, the Department of Health and participating Local Government Authorities and community health organisations are working together to deliver the PCM.

The PCM is operating in Hume, Wyndham, Knox, Whittlesea, Dandenong, Cardinia, Mildura, Bendigo, Wodonga, Latrobe, Geelong, Ararat, Pyrenees and Central Goldfields, with further initiatives underway across the state.

Landmark Study of Victorian’s Health
The largest ever investigation into Victoria’s health has delivered a groundbreaking insight into the growing rate of chronic disease and its link to unhealthy lifestyles.
This investigation saw more than 3,600 adult Victorians recruited from 50 neighbourhoods in metropolitan Melbourne and rural Victoria to undertake a survey and provide blood samples, as well as height, weight and blood pressure measurements.

“This is the most significant research ever undertaken into Victoria’s health and will guide our plans to address the rising prevalence of lifestyle related chronic disease,” Minister for Health David Davis said. [Read more..]

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