Do We Really Want Members to Join Our Clubs?

We know, and the statics tell us that if someone walks into your fitness club that they are almost 75% of the way to joining.

They have already overcome the fear of walking into your club, they still think they are not fit enough to join, they are scared that it’s going to be hard work and painful and everyone in the gym looks like they know what they are doing. Even though many of the members they see are in their first week of membership. So if we know this why do clubs make it so difficult to join.Lengthy contracts, duplicate form filling, PARQ’s, the joining fee discussion, getting them to sign a term contract, upsell Personal Training, overcome their buying objections and finding an empty booking time to get that initial consultation done.

When someone is making an emotional decision to join you introduce a financial barrier, destroying all the hard work of the benefits sales process. So how can you make this smoother?

I know most of this is required and we need to get our members to make a commitment financially as well as emotionally. But, there are a number of things that you can do to make the join process a lot more members centric.

One thing Ezypay has developed in its new membership management software iconnect360 <> is having a member centric philosophy to the development of it features. One of the many features is the smooth and easy joining process for all your members. Using a paperless joining wizard you can join your member is 5 easy steps

  1. Contact details only required once and auto checked for postcodes and mandatory spellings
  2. Selection of membership
  3. Account detail – check for BSB and credit card type checks
  4. Agree to term and conditions
  5. Everything is stored against your members details and sent by email to your new member

This new member centric process ensures you don’t inconvenience your member for too long over the joining process, you collect all the correct information the first time and never have to go back to collect additional information or incorrect account details. If of course all the information given is correct. Also everything is stored with your member’s details and this will never be lost and available in the cloud from any location. Making membership administration so much easier for both you and your member.

Having a member centric approach has meant that our software development will provide you with the most user friendly tool your club has.

To find out more about iconnect360 watch the explainer video < email or call 1300 762 726.



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