MYZONE MZ50 Watch Displays Real Time Effort Levels

MYZONE MZ50 watch now available to display real time Effort levels for members wherever they train.

The key functions of the watch are:-

  • Coded pairing to MYZONE HR Belt
  • Time mode displaying hour and minute (12h/24h), month, day
  • HR Mode – %Max, MEP’s, HR BPM
  • Personal info model – input vital stats
  • Alarm Mode
  • Stop Watch – counting 1/100 second
  • Countdown timer
  • Interval timer
  • Available in 4 colours

The MZ50 can be used in many ways:-

  • Your PT’s can monitor their clients heart rate if a MYZONE Console is not present.
  • Your staff or member can monitor their output.
  • As an easy tool to benefit training when outside of the club, uploading the stored data when arriving back in the club.

The coded heart rate signal ensures that no other belt will ever interfere with your watch as only 1 belt can be paired to the one watch at any given point in time.
*repeat visits to MYZONE facility to upload data still required

The MYZONE MZ50 Watch is available to purchase now. Call Today: (03) 8643 7474 or email


  1. Math Alberts says:

    Since a couple of weeks I (try to) use the MyZone watch.
    When I start a workout I switch on the pairing and it runs well.
    But within a couple of minutes the watch does not see my heartbeat anymore.
    On the normal MyZone Console I am still visible and working so I know that my belt is ok.

    Please can you give me advice what to do.

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