Successful Seminar on Cogeneration for Aquatic Centres

Over 40 people attended a seminar on Cogeneration organised by Simons Green Energy at Castle Hill RSL on 9 August.  Industry experts demonstrated how Aquatic Centres have realised massive savings on their electricity bills while lowering carbon emissions through the installation of Cogeneration.

This seminar was held at Castle Hill RSL Club’s facilities and offered a rare opportunity to inspect the club’s C2K Aquatic Centre’s Cogeneration system.Energy costs comprise of up to 20% of an aquatic centre’s operating expenses. Experts expect this to double in the next 5 years. The seminar focused on how aquatic centres will deal with energy becoming an even more substantial proportion of the budget.

The seminar offered practical tips to help understand, plan, implement and finance a Cogeneration system. David O’Neil from Castle Hill RSL explained the club’s environmental initiatives and their strategy to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.

Derek Simons, CEO of Simons Green Energy added “We were delighted to see a great turn out to our Seminar today, attended by a good number of Councils & Clubs. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to showcase the system that Simons Green Energy together with Castle Hill RSL have successfully implemented. The sustainable and cost-efficient energy system, sets a benchmark for the Club & Council industry and demonstrates its application for other similar sites throughout NSW and Australia”.

A key consideration was given to the “Community Energy Efficiency Program” grants program for investing in energy efficiency projects.

Simons have been instrumental in assisting several organisations achieving success with their CEEP grant application.

Castle Hill RSL Green Club
Castle Hill RSL Club was awarded the 10 Year Achievement Certificate as part of the 2010 NSW Green Globe Awards in recognition to its environmental sustainability practices. The Club’s strategic approach to sustainability includes BMS systems on lighting, air conditioning and chillers, heat exchangers, Power Factor Correction Units and water, paper and cardboard recycling.

Simons Green Energy
Simons Green Energy is part of the NSW based Simons Group, first established in 1932. Simons has offices in Sydney and Melbourne and a network of distributors around Australia. Backed by several world leading manufacturers of sustainable and low carbon energy equipment, the Company has 80 years of proven expertise. The Company’s primary product focus is on Cogeneration and Trigeneration systems, while the range also includes Solar Power & Hot Water Generation systems, Waste Heat Power Generators, Solar Desalination systems & High efficiency Hot Water Boilers.

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Simons Green Energy
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