New Centaman Speedgate Combines Aesthetics, Security and Ease of Use

The EasyGate SG, the latest speedgate in Centaman Entrance Control’s extensive product line, has been designed with a focus on aesthetics and functionality.

The EasyGate SG concept enables it to be ‘ wrapped’ in nearly any material to help it integrate in to the theme of the foyer in which it’s being deployed.

The door-like, swinging glass barriers of the EasyGate SG are controlled by quiet, powerful motors that open the barriers fast enough for rapidly moving pedestrians. Visual and audible prompts help guide users through the lanes quickly and efficiently. Superior detection capabilities excel at identifying “tailgaters” and can differentiate between an unauthorised pedestrian versus a cart or rolling suitcase.

The barriers motion enables the pedestal to be only 200mm wide and the same slim pedestal can be used in wide DDA compliant lanes which ensures the turnstiles have a minimal visual impact to distract from the overall building design [Read more…]

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