Swim Australia Swim School Accreditation

Swim Schools Registered with Swim Australia will now have the option to apply for Swim School Accreditation. The Swim School Accreditation (SSA) program is a new initiative from Swim Australia. The SSA process has been developed, primarily through the Reference Group and various contributors since the concept was first mooted in 2003. The SSA process will facilitate benchmarking, enable Swim Schools to ensure their practices are at a high level, allow for a further point of differentiation and grow the credibility of the industry in the eyes of the public and government alike.Seadragonz Swim School in Perth was the first Swim School to complete the Swim School Accreditation process. “WOW!! Figured we would be first in WA but didn’t know we nabbed number 1 for Oz!” said Lari McDonald
Seadragonz Swim School has ready started to reap the benefits of being an Accredited Swim School receiving 10% discount on their Swim School insurance, thanks to Marsh Insurance. One of the many benefits associated with becoming an Accredited Swim School.
Here’s what Lari had to say about the whole experience “It’s really exciting to get the accreditation. The process was not difficult because we had all the dominos in place, it was just a little time consuming, but we think it was worthwhile and the difference it will make to our insurance costs are well worth the effort.”
It doesn’t stop here as plans are already in motion for a third tier of recognition whereby Swim Schools Accredited with Swim Australia will have the option of applying for various Swim School of Excellence categories. The standards, naturally, will be ‘best practice’.

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