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They may not end up swimming like Michael Klim, but the Olympic champion wants all kids to reap the safety, health and wellbeing benefits by learning how to swim. In a recently launched Community Service Announcement (CSA) for Swim Australia, the Australian Unity learn-to-swim ambassador reminds parents of the importance of swim education for children. “Having grown up around the pool my entire life, I have witnessed firsthand the pleasure and satisfaction the ability to swim can bring a child,” Klim said. “I’ve always seen swimming as an amazing skill for a child to acquire. Swimming is a tool for life, not only keeping children safer by building their confidence in and around water, but also enhancing their physical and mental development.

“Swimming not only gave me the opportunity to represent my country at the highest level but it taught me some invaluable life lessons such as perseverance, camaraderie, dedication and a passion to pursue a goal, and for that I’m very grateful. I would encourage all parents to give their children the opportunity to learn to swim.” Accidental childhood drowning claims the greatest number of young lives than any other trauma. Between 2010 and 2011, 28 children under the age of five, died from drowning incidents in pools, oceans, lakes and even in the bath.

Swim Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Ross Gage, insists the importance of learning how to swim is essential for all Australians.
“Learning to swim not only makes a child safer around water, it leads to a lifetime of health and enjoyment. To this end — Swim Australia is delighted to launch a new Community Service Announcement supported by Australian Unity, featuring swimming legend Michael Klim,” Mr Gage said.

Watch the commercial for the launch of Swim Australia’s new CSA featuring Olympic star, Michael Klim:

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