ROI Of Sunbather Thermal Blaket 1 Year for Paul Sadler Swimland

Managers of both these centres were concerned with how much it was going to cost to heat the pools, and also how much greenhouse gasses would be wasted.  When Sunbather ran the Pool Heat Simulation for these centres and added the thermal blankets to the pools in the hours they were closed the results on both centres had a return on investment of less than 1 year for the Sunbather Systems.

Both centres had different criteria on the Sunbather System that was right for their centre. Paul Sadler Swimland Melton did not want to be looking at the Blankets and Roller but wanted them installed above the windows. After an onsite visit and discussion The Sunbather Engineer designed the system to suit this task. The new Sunbather Grey Thermal was a perfect fit for this centre. The installation was completed and the centre is very happy with the results.

Paul Sadler Taylors Lakes had a different view and were happy to keep the Sunbather Blanket and Roller system down low. The Sunbather Engineer designed a system that took up minimal space at the end of the pool and really looked great against the windows. The Thermal blankets for this system were in Sunbather Sky Blue, which complimented the pool hall.

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