Time Running Out for Cairns’ Tobruk Memorial Pool

Uncertainty surrounds the future of Cairns’ 50-year old Tobruk Memorial Pool with media reports suggesting that community facility is so dilapidated that it can only stay open in its current state for four more years.

Cairns Regional Council’s Community Services Committee voted this week to proceed with a feasibility study that will look into the cost and benefits of upgrading the pool.  The upgrade was one of three options put to the Committee, the others being a minor refurbishment, or closing and decommissioning the facility.  The Cairns Post reported that the facility is the most costly council pool to run and maintain, but it attracts the fewest visitors each year.  Cairns Council spends $373,312 on the facility each year, which works out to about $15 for every swimmer. There were fewer than 6,000 users of Tobruk pool between January and March this year, compared with more than 16,000 for the same period in 2011.  Cairns Regional Council Sport and Recreation Team Leader Tim Dendle told councillors “that’s not really sustainable (and) the Band-Aids that we’re continuing to put on are getting more and more expensive.” [Read more…]

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