CASA Leisure Aims To Avoid Alice Springs Staffing Woes

New management at the Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre says it will consult local swimming clubs on how to avoid staffing problems that have closed the facility in the past.  Adelaide-based CASA Leisure company, took on the management of the facility at the beginning of this month after the YMCA Central Australia pulled out of its contract in April following staffing problems and an intervention by WorkSafe in the handling of chlorine gas cylinders.  CASA Leisure General Manager Rob Heinjus, says the group will be looking to employ local people but will consider other options if that is not a viable option.  Heinjus told the ABC “if we work closely with the swimming clubs, the triathalon clubs and other key users within the facility, then that’ll be a way to look at internal ways to develop staff and make sure that those issues are resolved.”  Heinjus says he is aware of previous problems with the pool but thinks the company will be able to overcome them, adding “it’s a clean slate from our perspective. [Read more…]

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