Queensland Councils Urged to Build New Partnerships with Private Sector

Queensland Local Government Minister David Crisafulli has urged councils to find new ways to fund community infrastructure and services.Speaking at the Local Government Association of Queensland’s Civic Leaders Forum on the Sunshine Coast last week, Minister Crisafulli said councils must reinvent themselves if they are to survive, explaining “the State is facing some serious financial challenges in the years to come.

“Councils must build new partnerships with the private sector to deliver significant community infrastructure and tap into additional revenue sources.  “The one thing that nearly all councils have in abundance is land. Whether it’s regional councils with land to lease for agriculture or a coastal council that wants to turn a car park into a mixed-use site, the ability to achieve does not solely depend on Government funding.  “This doesn’t mean the State won’t help out where it can, but a failure to think outside the square will see the crippling rate increases of the past few years become business as usual.  “Communities simply cannot afford to go down this path.” [Read more…]

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